Thursday, April 17, 2014

Louisiana: Zydeco Accoutrement

Zydeco Joe. Credit: Cascade Zydeco.

At the Hot Sauce Festival in New Iberia this past weekend, I observed these zydeco accoutrement:


  • Accordion fans, used by men and women
  • Change of clothes for when the dancers sweat through the first set
  • Terry towel for wiping the dance sweat from one's brow, usually worn in the back pocket of the dancer's jeans

Zydeco is hot work. New Iberia Hot Sauce Festival, April 2014.

  • Men often wore a cowboy hat, as did some women
  • A common shirt is of the torn-off sleeves variety or a Western shirt, long sleeves intact
  • Jeans, naturally
  • Nice belt buckle

And I know you're wondering: "Is zydeco attire sexy?"

The answer is, "Yes. Yes, it is."

Said sexiness is ageless, too, as evidenced in this video from a past Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival:

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