Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Louisiana: "Holy Week Crawfish Supply Should Satisfy Demand"

Crawfish Etouffee, Crawfish Etouffee Cook-Off, Eunice, Louisiana

Here's a newspaper headline you don't see in most parts: Holy Week Crawfish Supply Should Satisfy Demand
Excerpted from The Daily Advertiser: LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — Louisiana crawfishermen and the merchants who sell the crustacean to retail customers say the supply should be enough to satisfy appetites during Holy Week and Easter weekend.

It's a welcome turn to a season marred by a harsh winter that stunted crawfish growth, limited the catch and made profit forecasts bleak.

In the days leading into Holy Week, prices for a pound of live crawfish ran from $2 at Db Seafood in Morgan City to $2.49 at Tony's Seafood Market and Deli in Baton Rouge.

The price was somewhere in between at D&T Seafood in Abbeville, where live, small-sized crawfish sold for $1.50 a pound and the mediums went for $2.25.

"We're going to have a decent supply" for Easter week, said D&T owner Don Benoit. ..... 

This reminds me of some other Lenten food stories. 


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Snail, Gori, Caucasus Georgia


On my first trip to Alamogordo, while on a road trip with my mother, we learned about capybara and Lent.

Capybara, Alamogordo Zoo, New Mexico

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