Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lafayette, Louisiana: Sounds From My Place

In Alamogordo, there were the ubiquitous sound of the doves.

In Lafayette, I hear complicated melodies from birds hoping to hook up for the spring. I don't see the birds usually, as they're in the dense foliage of my surrounding trees. But there's a nonstop conversation of trills and chirps and whistles and squeaks.

I doubt my birds are Baltimore orioles, but the sounds I hear are similar. 

Then there are the trains - some day I must try to count how many go through in a day. Lots. This train track below is less than a mile from my place:

I'm not far from a hospital, so I hear ambulances on occasion.

Squirrels barrel across the roof over my head frequently.


Lucy June said...

Hi! I just found your blog and boy howdy can I relate! Funny, I am sort of debating on moving from Georgia to Lafayette, LA, and New Mexico, and you write about both! I'd love to bend your ear on some more questions and chit chat if you have time

Mzuri said...

I love the "boy howdy!" My ear is ready to be bent - fire away. What a luxury of choices - you can't go wrong either way. My email address is livingrootless and the provider is gee - mail.