Saturday, January 4, 2014

Louisiana Movies: Passion Fish

Movie: Passion Fish

Provenance: Jennings, Louisiana - about 40 miles west of Lafayette.

Loved this movie!

It went off on a couple of tangents occasionally (like with the interminable monologue about the anal probe from May-Alice's former colleague - don't ask), but overall - good story, rich character portrayals, predictable but satisfying ending.

Good music. Where The Big Easy focused on cajun music, zydeco played a prominent role in Passion Fish.

My favorite lines

"Morgan City, the lowest pit of hell."

"[I'm] CHANtelle, who's got no time for Louisiana French-talkin' cowboys."

"You makin' this shit up, right?"

"I'm at the Ramada in Lafayette. Call me."

My favorite character

Sugar! Played by actor Vondie Curtis-Hall, he radiates seductive charm. He's like the John Travolta character as the Angel Michael, who can't help but attract women.

And this song!

Danse de Mardi Gras:

Song from Balfa Brothers. This song is also on the Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack.

Recommend? Yes! A solid popcorn movie!

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