Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rootless Relocation: What I Left With

Here were all my worldly goods when I prepared to pack my car to leave Alamogordo on September 26:

Another view:

The white full-view mirror didn't make it into the car, and a neighbor harvested it for his use.The frame of the white storage drawer unit also didn't make it, but its drawers did. Other casualties included: bucket, broom/dustpan, mop, and plastic storage containers that I used as bowls.

The red item? It's a super fantastic fold-out chair-bed. And it fit into my car! Thank you to R. and M. for giving this to me.

That rectangular folding table propped against the wall - I'm so happy it still fit into my car for my next relo. I bought this for a dollar from friend J. when she moved from Jefferson City to Nashville. To say I bought it is really a sin - let's just say she gave it to me. I mean, really.

That green suitcase is carry-on size and it's been with me to Ethiopia, Caucasus Georgia, Turkey, New Mexico, and now on to Louisiana. The black and orange weekender - has been to all of the above plus Mexico, Chicago, and several road trips.

Goodbye, sweet apartment. A soothing space.


The future of my stuff

My current plan is to be outside the U.S. in January 2015. Thus, I'm thinking the year in Louisiana will be the year I enjoy my car for the last time, as I will likely sell it instead of storing it like I did when I was in Caucasus Georgia.

There are a couple of other items that I've held on to for various reasons, but I think it's time to let some go in the coming months.  

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