Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lupus, Missouri: The Chili Fest, Part 4: The Music

The Harvest Season, Lupus Chili Fest, Lupus, Missouri 2013

I'm saved!

Sometimes when you listen to music, live especially, it pushes against you like an ocean wave or like a force of air, where you feel exhilarated and breathless at the same time, where your head actually falls back a little from the strength of the sound coming at you. 

This is what it felt like in the Lupus Garage when The Harvest Season played, as the band's flow rolled up and back in small waves, then pounded the shore in a rush against the beach.

If they had been calling to people at the back of the church to come to Jesus, why, I might have been tempted to do just that.

Sadly, this experience isn't replicated in the recorded version of their music, so, well, you just had to be there. Glad I was.

I'm so happy!

This is what an audience member cried out at one point while Todd Day Waits and Pigpen got down.

And everybody laughed, because it was true.

I cannot imagine the band ever hearing a more appreciative audience than it did on that night in the dusty ol' Lupus Garage.

Member George (new?), on the fiddle and with back-up vocal, adds a dimension to the band that's not on the recordings I've heard.

Below is a sample of who performed at the Lupus Chili Fest 2013. Have a listen:

Hooten Hallers

The Kay Brothers

The Flood Brothers

Dubb Nubb

John Galbraith

The Harvest Season

Don Nails and the Broke Ass Band

The Woodsmiths

Anna Soulstice

Ruth Acuff

Dave & Dyno and the Roadkill Orchestra

Cindy Woolf

Boone Howlers

Mark Bilyeu

Violet Vonder Haar

A slideshow of the Lupus Chili Fest 2013 below:

Lupus Chili Fest


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