Friday, October 18, 2013

Mayhill, New Mexico: A Bend in the Road

Mayhill, New Mexico

Mayhill, New Mexico, is almost literally a bend in the road.

On the day I stopped in Mayhill, I was on my way back to Alamogordo from Artesia. It was August, I think. Maybe September.

The distance between Artesia and Alamogordo, all on Highway 82, is 110 miles.

In that 110 miles, I passed through:
  • Roswell Basin
  • Pecos Slope
  • Sacramento Mountains
  • Chihuahua desert
This always amazed me.

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Anyway, one day, after a particularly hot day in Artesia, as I approached Mayhill, I saw there was a small concert.

Mayhill, New Mexico

Right in the middle of town. Which is to say, right along the side of the road.

I parked the car, pulled out a camp chair from my trunk, and ambled across the road to the grassy lot and listened to some good country music.

Presently, I continued on my way to Alamogordo. The concert in shady-cool Mayhill was like an icy drink on a hot and sweaty day.

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