Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Aztec, New Mexico: Drums

I recently revisited Aztec, New Mexico, and ..... took a conga drum lesson!

Yup, at Crash Music, which I talked about when I was last in Aztec.

George, a career music teacher, gives drumming lessons every Saturday and Monday.  

Drums at Crash Music, Aztec, New Mexico

I had never had a drumming lesson. I don't read music. Have never played an instrument. But it was all fine. George gave me a little one-on-one before things got going with the rest of the students, and it was too much fun. If you're visiting, check it out - he's got the drums for you to use.

Drums at Crash Music, Aztec, New Mexico

Being rootless, I won't be investing in my own conga drum any time soon, but I've already called my daughter to reclaim my djembe drum, a long-ago Christmas present that I loved, but never put to the use I dreamed of. When I sold my house and moved on, I passed it to her kids. She is delighted to give it back on to me.

Drums at Crash Music, Aztec, New Mexico

This is me getting into the ritmo:

OK, yes, a lie. That is a killer drummer named Jennifer Rojas.

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