Sunday, December 9, 2012

Alamogordo: Christmas Coming

There may be others, but I only know of two houses in Alamogordo, back to back with each other, in fierce competition for the most elaborate Christmas light display.

Here's one.

Christmas light display, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Last night was the Alamogordo Christmas Parade. My favorite bit was this lighted car. I liked how the street light served as a sun for its magnificence.

Alamogordo Christmas Parade, New Mexico

Well, my true favorite in any parade will always be the marching band(s). Alamogordo's high school band has a nice drum section, which is the best part of a marching band.

Alamogordo has a sweet parade-watching situation. The parades typically start at 10th and Oregon (where the library is), then proceed west on 10th Street, which is a wide, four-lane boulevard, lined with many parking lots fronting the stores. It is perfect for parking one's car perpendicular to 10th Street so that you can watch the parade in comfy-seated splendor while the parade goes by. If you've got a truck and kiddos, you can back up to the street and sit in the truck bed. And, of course, there are sidewalks that line both sides of the boulevard, where you can plant your chair or own fine self right next to the action.

Because the street is four lanes, there's a wide safe-zone margin along each side of the parade, so that when candy's thrown out, kids aren't in imminent danger of being trampled by a marching band or a Shriner.

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