Friday, December 7, 2012

Alamogordo: Center of the Second-Hand Universe

You're into shopping at thrift stores? Alamogordo is your next vacation destination. Bring a truck.

Despite a population of only 30k, Alamogordo has at least 11 thrift stores, which works out to one thrift store per 2700ish residents. They are:
  1. King's Treasure, White Sands Boulevard
  2. Bargain Qwest, 818 Hwy 70 West (my favorite)
  3. Goodwill, 10th Street
  4. Salvation Army, used to be on New York Avenue, but recently moved
  5. Zia Thrift Shop, 9th Street
  6. Community Connection Thrift Store, 1st Street
  7. Father James B. Hay Thrift Store, White Sands Boulevard
  8. Habitat for Humanity Restore, 10th Street
  9. A 2nd Second Hand Store, White Sands Boulevard
  10. Classy Cats Thrift Store, New York Avenue
  11. Twice Blest Thrift Store, White Sands Boulevard

The above list doesn't include the thrift stores in nearby Tularosa, Cloudcroft, or Ruidoso. (King's Treasure has a branch in Cloudcroft.)

With a military base nearby, do you think there are many yard sales? You betcha.

In fact, Alamogordo has so many yard sales and similar for-sale-by-owner items, the city has its very own craigslist that isn't craigslist: it's the venerable, which not only posts yard sales in Alamogordo and on the Holloman Air Force Base, but posts business services, free stuff, lost and found, and things "wanted."

Are you into used books? Here again, Alamogordo is where it's at. Books Revisited has an inventory that changes daily (largely because it receives so many donations and there's not enough space, so every day "new" books get put out to replace those sold), and is located in the White Sands Mall. It's operated by the Alamogordo Public Library Foundation, and staffed by volunteers. Proceeds go to the library. This is a big store with a wifi hotspot, and nice tables out front. Open Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. There's a food court in the mall, too, so you can go buy some books, enjoy lunch, and just hang out and read.

Speaking of the library (on 10th and Oregon) - are you passing through Alamogordo and you've gone through all your books? Walk into the library and you'll see directly ahead of you bookshelves that invite you to swap your finished books for new-to-you books. Free! Apparently there are a few folks who take and don't leave, so don't you be one of those.   

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