Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rootless Rule #1: Spare Glasses Don't Help if You Don't Have Them With You

When I went to Ethiopia, I took a spare pair of reading glasses with me. Didn't need it, fortunately,

Photo credit: Today's Deals
So after I return, I chill for a few days, then go to one of my vacation homes on the Missouri Rivieria (@ Chez Katherine), only to leave my spare safely in a drawer at home base. What happens? My glasses break.

Important lesson: When one is rootless, that means keeping a spare set of glasses in one's bags at all times. I now have a spare in both of my bags.

Another thing - I purchased my glasses (bought two pairs at once) at Walmart Vision Center. Yes, I freely admit this. Two pairs for a hundred bucks. If my glasses break I can go just about anywhere in the country and get them repaired. If they're still under the one-year warranty (at no additional charge, thank you very much, Sears), I can get my lenses popped into replacement frames on the spot.

It happened that the local Walmart was out of my frames, but the employee called my home-base Walmart, which had one last pair. That Walmart set this pair aside til I returned the following day. Replaced my old frames. No charge.

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