Friday, March 25, 2011

Ethiopia roundup: Replacing stolen camera

Canon Powershot SD800IS. Photo credit: Amazon
See story of stolen camera here.

I assumed I'd get a new camera when I returned home, one with more megapixels than the six I had in my four year-old camera.

But I didn't: I bought a used camera: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera with 3.8x Wide Angle Image-Stabilized Optical Zoom.

In my price range, the reviews were just too good for this older camera. I had thought more megapixels = better photos. Not necessarily so. Over and over, I read comments that showed the older Canon PowerShots had sharper images than the newer cameras. 

Will add a review of my new old camera once I've used it for a bit.

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