Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ethiopia: Countdown for Landing, Nazret Again, Day 2, Saturday

A laid-back day in Nazret. Stephanie and I talked school budgets and fundraising. Dawit arrived from Addis later with the mission to repair student chairs and desks.

I took new photos of Azeb, Stephanie, and Dawit to replace those lost with my stolen camera. I used a camera someone donated to the school.

After lunch, Azeb, Stephanie, and Dawit took off for Addis, leaving me alone in "Hotel Azeb" til Tuesday.


Walked up to the Dire International Hotel to upload these few new pictures and key in a journal entry. The work on the hotel terrace now complete, I stepped outside for my habitual cold Ambo and lemon before
walking home.

Mosquitoes again a problem at night. Damn things.

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