Wednesday, September 20, 2023

2023 Summer Road Trip: Las Vegas Bay, Nevada: New Phone Blues


Las Vegas Bay Campground, Nevada. September 2023. Credit: Mzuriana
Las Vegas Bay Campground, Nevada. September 2023. Credit: Mzuriana

It remains so interesting that so few of us are camping in Las Vegas Bay Campground this week. Maybe it will fill up over the weekend? 

The stillness is nice, though. 

Today I've got to get some wireless earbuds. 

My new phone needs new gear, which adds to the financial cost of the phone. Which said phone was, I thought, in my mid-range price zone. I hadn't considered the collateral costs. Grrr. 

When choosing my new phone, and being budget-minded, I didn't fully appreciate the impact of no round port for my plug-in earbuds - I had to buy an adapter to insert them into the phone's sole orifice. Which means I can't charge the phone while I listen to a podcast. Which brings me to my thoughtless thought that paying more for a phone with wireless charging was unnecessary. Well. 

Hence the search for wireless earbuds. Which I didn't want because that would have meant yet another device to charge and yet another device to have to keep track of like a wee toddler. 

The new phone also boasts "super fast" charging, which means, yes, the need to buy new charging implements that charge super fast (or even just "fast"), as sticking with what I've already got = wackingly slow charging - like four hours instead of one hour, or even less. 

I think I may wish I'd gone with the Google Pixel instead of this A54 Samsung instead.


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