Sunday, January 3, 2021

COVID-19 Unfolding, Part 888: 2021 Travel Resolutions


A ship approaches on an afternoon in an Istanbul park. June 2012.
A ship approaches on an afternoon in an Istanbul park. June 2012.


Before COVID

Gosh, hard to believe that it was only last year that I wrote Travel Resolutions for 2020, with corona barely a blip on my radar. 

These were my 2020 travel plans: 

  1. Regular carV practice in Chez Prius before the big road trip to Alaska
  2. Road trip to Alaska
  3. Road trip with my mother
  4. Loose ends closure: New Mexico: A hike in the Bisti Wilderness
  5. Loose ends closure: Drive to the southern end of Highway 1 in Louisiana
  6. Indirectly related to travel: When I leave Tucson, I will have slashed my inventory of belongings to the point where I can carV in Chez Prius as I migrate on the way to whereversville
  7. A second trip to Nogales
  8. A trip to Yuma, forever riveted into my brain with The Devil's Highway
  9. A trip to San Luis Rio Colorado, MX, which is just south of Yuma
  10. A trip to Naco, Sonora, MX, which is south of Bisbee
  11. A trip to Agua Prieta, Sonora, MX, also south of Bisbee
  12. While still in Arizona, push out of my comfort zone by staying solo on public lands
  13. Push out of my comfort zone by hiking solo more often

 2020 held such promise! 

Dubai boats, United Arab Emirates. January 2012.
Dubai boats, United Arab Emirates. January 2012.

My 2021 travelutions

Assumption: COVID will still be an active agent among us for most of 2021, but solo travel, conducted with prudent precautions, will be relatively safe.

  1. Visit all of Alabama's state parks
  2. Camp solo on public lands at least once, i.e. dispersed camping, not in a campground
  3. Loose ends closure from 2020: Make that trip to Grand Isle, Louisiana, before it disappears
  4. Hike on the Appalachian Trail - distance unimportant
  5. Venture into Florida a bit, camp on a beach there 
  6. Fingers crossed that I can take one of my descendants on his first trip out of the US, maybe toward the end of 2021

A modest list, as you can see. 

There are travel plans that await the demise of COVID, but ....


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