Saturday, May 4, 2019

Rootless: A New Vehicular Mate, Part 4: Empty

Empty car, Tucson, Arizona. May 2019.

Now that I've moved into my digs-for-a-year, I have an empty car. It's the first time in six months. Six months.

The empty car is my new vehicular mate, my Prius. Which I've come to believe is darn cute.

Once I scooped out all of the stuff, I put the rear seats down to protect the upholstery. I climbed in and stretched out in the back to imagine how it will be to sleep in the car when I camp next.

You can see the collapsible walking poles I bought for the treacherous paths in Caucasus Georgia; the sleeping bag that is so old, you'd have to do radioactive dating to ascertain its age; and the door mat that I found at Lake Catherine State Park, left behind by a previous camper.

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