Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Portable: Exercise

Resistance bands

Not long ago, my mother spent time at a rehab center. The physical and occupational therapists introduced her to resistance bands. During my mom's sessions, I'd sometimes do the resistance band exercises with her.

Hoo doggies! I loved how effective they were at flexing the muscles, how easily I could change the amount of resistance for a stronger or gentler workout, and, of course, how portable they are.

I bought my own set of bands. The different colors have different levels of stretch resistance, with green the strongest and red the gentlest.

Although I get a fair amount of exercise with dancing and walking, which gives my legs a workout, I've really neglected my arms. The resistance bands are perfect for building muscle strength for these sad appendages, and I've been using the bands every day since I bought them.

Being a nomadic sort of gal, they are perfect for my rootless lifestyle.

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