Saturday, April 8, 2017

El Paso: Mozart Requiem

Mozart Requiem, El Paso, Texas. April 2017.

The union of many voices or instruments to create a collaboration of sound is always so uplifting.

The El Paso Chorale and the El Paso Orchestra, showcasing four singers, performed Mozart Requiem in April on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

Below is an excerpt, highlighting soprano Heather Dials, who begins singing at approximately 2:12:

El Paso has an impressive classical-music presence. There is, of course, the long-running, annual Chopin Festival. El Paso Pro-Musica promotes chamber music. UTEP has a music program with breadth and depth.

Mozart Requiem, El Paso, Texas. April 2017.

I had a superb seat at the Mozart performance.

Another excerpt below:

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