Sunday, March 26, 2017

El Paso: Flamenco

Linda Gallegos, Gallegos Flamenco. El Paso, Texas. March 2017.

I didn't know I was so thirsty for flamenco until I drank of it.

Daniel Martinez, Gallegos Flamenco. El Paso, Texas. March 2017.

Gallegos Flamenco, a local musical and dance troupe, performed at the El Paso Library's main branch one Saturday afternoon. I regret I don't know the name of one of the two singers, but the troupe members included: Linda Gallegos, the group's leader, and a dancer; Jessica Warner, dancer; Daniel Martinez, guitarist; and Ella Perez, percussionist and singer.

Jennifer Warner below:

Both of the singers brought skillful and emotional performances, each with her own vocal style. One is below:

Linda Gallegos below:

Here, a sensual instrumental by Ella Perez and Daniel Martinez:

Gallegos Flamenco used various recorded pieces to accompany the dance pieces. One such was the singer, Miguel Poveda. Aieee. Below is an example of his work:

Híjole, mamacita! The woman dancing with - or to? - Miguel.  She owns and proclaims her sexual power.


judy said...

Your posts brighten my day!
I know Ella Perez for her archaeology work. Thanks for showing me a new perspective on Ella.

Mzuri said...

I love that you got to someone in a cool new way! Thank you!