Thursday, February 2, 2017

El Paso: Drums Under a Looking Moon

You may have noticed that I've already published several posts related to El Paso moons. Don't know what it is, but La Luna seems to love El Paso because she so often fixes her warm gaze on us with what feels like a special look.

And - On my bucket list is the desire to master some skills in drumming. I even have a drum, given to me by a beloved years ago. It travels with me and all my other worldly goods in my car when I move from year to year.

So how glad I was to learn about Echoes in the Park, a drumming circle that gathers every Friday evening at Upper Tom Lea Park between May and October! The park is close to my apartment, the view is inspiring, and the group members gracious and welcoming.

Below is a video that captures a drumming verse, the glory of the full moon, and the 24-karat glow that warms family play at Upper Tom Lea Park, overlooking El Paso and Juarez.

And because this September moon was so special, a video adoring same, highlighting El Paso and Juarez landmarks:

I am a lucky duck.

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