Sunday, March 2, 2014

Louisiana: An Addition to the Crawfish Collection

Crawfish Hut, Rayne, Louisiana

There's something not right about this ol' crawfish heating up the very water that's going to be the agent of his demise.

At least in this mural outside Tlaxcala, Mexico, there was a pretense of fair play:

Tlaxcala, Mexico

Which brings me to the pig around the corner from Crawfish Hut.

This was a big pig. Maybe the biggest I'd ever seen. And - she? - was in a trailer. She was so big, I stopped my car and got out to go say, hey.

Pig, Rayne, Louisiana

She looked me right in the eye. Checked me out. As I made to leave, she proceeded to try and untie the twine holding the trailer gate closed. I'm hoping that if she was on her way to a boucherie, there was some dignity in her death.

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