Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jennings, Louisiana: Squeezebox Shootout

Squeezebox Shootout 2014, Jennings, Louisiana

The weekend preceding Mardi Gras is prime timeline real estate. So many things happening in Southern Louisiana, so difficult to choose.

For the Saturday before Mardi Gras, I had originally planned to go to Baton Rouge for the famous, satirical Spanish Town Parade.

But when I saw that the small town of Jennings was hosting a cajun accordion contest - the Squeezebox Shootout - along with a parade, and music, I changed my plans.

Strand Theater, Jennings, Louisiana

When I arrived at the Strand Theater for the accordion competition, the event had already started, and it was a packed house. But I saw empty space down by the stage where I could stand and hopefully take some good pics, so I walked on down there..... and damned if a woman in the second row didn't offer me an empty seat (a rarity!) right next to her! And damned if it didn't turn out that she had been the very individual who got the first Squeezebox Shooutout off the ground! Or as she put it - gave birth.

Junior division contestant. I loved how she moved her leg. Squeezebox Shootout, Jennings, Louisiana.

Sometimes I just wonder at the good luck I so often enjoy. I couldn't have had a better seat in the entire theater.

This is Bubba. He has a lot of natural presence. Junior division. Squeezebox Shootout, Jennings, Louisiana. If I'm not mistaken, he's the great-grandson of Iry LeJeune, Cajun songwriter and musician of great renown.

He didn't win, but I think for overall entertainment utils, my fave was professional musician, Wilson Savoy, of the Pine Leaf Boys. He put his whole body and expression into his playing. Below are his accordion and foot:

I tried to capture a still of him and his tapping foot, but I was only moderately successful:

There was a lot of talent at the competition. A slideshow below:


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