Saturday, November 30, 2013

St. Martinville, LA: Free furniture! Crawfish burger! Banana Tree!

The title says it all, really.


Had lunch at the Steakhouse Tavern with a walking partner – took this photo of part of the menu:

Steakhouse tavern, St. Martinville, Louisiana

Items such as chiles rellenos and green chile stew in New Mexico have been replaced with delicacies such as crawfish burgers, crab burgers, and shrimp po’ boys.

Who says America has no traditional cuisine?!


I’d been mentally lamenting the dearth of second-hand stores in Lafayette, and here was a guy ripping out his kitchen on a St. Martinville side street, and placing the cabinets on the sidewalk in front of his house, just as we walked by. I mean this was fresh scavenge!

We each took a cabinet, put them in our respective vehicles, and felt very satisfied. Mine is perfect for my office set-up. The printer is on top and office supplies are on the shelves, which I can hide behind the pretty doors.

Banana tree!

Incredibly, there is a mature banana tree in the patio outside the back of the Steakhouse tavern. It’s huge, and a very large bunch of green bananas hung from almost the very top.

Banana tree, St. Martinville, Louisiana

Imagine. I live in a place where bananas can grow.


I stopped in St. Martinville during my 2011/2012 road trip here. A very pretty village.

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