Friday, November 15, 2013

Rootless Relocation: The Day Before, Again

Today's the day before the drive down to Louisiana.

  • Charged electronics
  • Did laundry
  • Finished loading the car
  • Filled up the gas tank
  • Finalized the drive route

On loading the car

The packing for going to Louisiana is different than the packing I did coming from New Mexico to Missouri. No camping involved, so it didn't matter where my camping gear was. One of the last things I did in my New Mexico apartment was to vacuum the carpet, so the vacuum sweeper got stuck into a free space behind my seat.  

My assumption for Louisiana is that I'll need to camp for awhile til I can find an apartment and get moved in. Consequently, I wanted all my camping stuff easily accessible, which I've achieved. The vacuum sweeper is stuck in the trunk up against the back seats.

Other departures

Here's what I did the day before I left for Alamogordo. 

And the day before I left for Caucasus Georgia.

And the day I left for Ethiopia.

And the day after I arrived in Playa

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