Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Relocation 2013, Part 1: Mexico!

Virgin of Ocotlan Basilica, Ocotlan, Tlaxcala, Mexico

Damn, is it that time already?

Back here, I drilled down my decision to either Mexico or New Mexico for 2012/2013.

This go-round, after toying with other possibilities, I've settled on Mexico.

Last year, these were my criteria:
  • Reasonable access to family/friends; 
  • Proximity to mountains; 
  • Locations with mild(er) climate; 
  • Cultural and language diversity; 
  • Low cost of living; and 
  • Income opportunities

For 2013/2014, my criteria are ...  huh .... identical, if one defines "income opportunities" to mean access to reliable and high-speed internet access, as my plan is to continue teaching English online.

So now that I know the country ... time to figure out the city.

My wish list for the city are (in addition to the above):
  • Population less than 500,000 and more than 50,000
  • Sense of place
  • Socio-economic, age, and ethnic diversity
  • Trees, pretty scenery; a lake or river would be nice
  • In a location that's a good base for exploring the entire country
  • Not in a criminal-gang hotspot.
  • Elevation lower than 7000 feet
  • Reliable and fast internet connection (this one is a deal breaker)
  • Within 3 hours of an international airport (preferably two)

But before I go to Mexico, I'll leave New Mexico (boo hoo) at the end of September, and spend October in Missouri.

Of course .... if I learned only one thing in Georgia, it was this: Be flexible. So, quien sabe? Maybe my plans will change.


Mary said...

I've often thought about Mexico! Good choice. :)

Mzuri said...

Thanks - now the fun part is deciding where in this large country I'll go.

Sus said...

Looking to move again, eh? And I just re-found the link to your blog. LOL Don't know if you ever come up to Albuquerque much but if you think you'll be popping by or through in the next month or so it'd be fun to meet in-person. I say in the next month because there's a possibility I'll be in Chicago by the end of March as I have put in a couple applications for AmeriCorps positions out in the Windy City and I should find out if I get accepted by 2nd week of March.

Mzuri said...

Good luck on your apps in Chicago!

I'll be in ABQ in April for the Gathering of Nations. ... but if I get nearby before then, I'll give you a shout!