Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back to Releasing More Stuff

Remaining cache of classic sci-fi, Alamogordo, New Mexico

My beautiful science fiction

After a hiatus, I'm back to re-reading my classic paper-back science fiction. Feels good. Ah, I love my Heinlein, Pohl, and Asimov.  But I intend to release to the universe all of my remaining cache before I leave New Mexico in October.

Poster from road trip to Alaska in 1996

Three picture frames with glass

I brought these pictures with me - ones that I hadn't found homes for before I left Missouri - thinking I'd pop in my own photography and then sell or gift them. That hasn't happened yet, and if it doesn't soon, I'll sell what I've got - probably for the frames/glass rather than the current artwork within. I'm feeling weighed down by their presence. One of the frames holds a poster from a road trip I took to Alaska with my daughter in 1996. I care about this one. Don't care so much about the artwork in the other two frames.


Attrition works its way into stuff divestment - three pairs of socks have been tossed recently because the heels have worn through.  Not sure why it feels good that this is so.


Two pairs of trousers have worn through in areas that can't be fixed easily or prettily. One pair I'll have to toss. The other I'll keep and just wear for camping or hiking, then unload when I leave New Mexico.

The pair I'm tossing has gone with me to Mexico, Ethiopia, Caucasus Georgia, and now New Mexico. Good job.

Still feels good to unload stuff. 

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