Friday, July 6, 2012

Istanbul: Quiet and Good


I stayed hermit-like in my room for most of the day. Working, napping, listening to podcasts. Repeat.

My room is small, but it has tall ceilings. The walls are the color of a cappuccino. The ceiling is white. Twin bed. One lightweight, colorful coverlet. A sink. A fan. A small desk and chair. A wardrobe.

Istanbul, Trabzon Restaurant
In the evening, I went to one of the handful of pretty-good places that are also affordable. It was the second time I visited this restaurant, called Trabzon Restaurant, a lokanta, which is within only a few steps of my hotel. It's like a little home-cooking place. Pleasant service; no hassle.

For lunch the other day here, I had chicken livers.

Tonight, I had eggplant and beef, a velvety dish, with a side of rice. Fresh bread. A cold soda. Nine lira (about $5 USD).

It wasn't something to rave about, but it was good. There were two different spices available on the table to jazz it up as I wished.  

Istanbul, Trabzon Restaurant

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