Saturday, July 7, 2012

Istanbul: The Big House and Garden Tour

Istanbul, Topkapi Palace.

I'm feeling insecure that I don't find Istanbul as amazing as everyone else seems to find it.

Is it because I'm disgruntled about something? Am I a contrarian? Maybe I just don't "get" Istanbul. Am I jaded with travel already?

I'm annoyed that I feel it necessary to look for something wrong with me to explain why I am not madly in love with this city. Why do I have to do that? Maybe Istanbul and I just aren't a good match and that's OK. Right? Right?

But maybe I am disgruntled. Maybe I'm disgruntled that I'm not Madonna, therefore I can't visit these sites after hours by myself. But for you, here is the next best thing - a virtual tour of Topkapi Palace.

But if you want to see my photos, here's a slide show:

Topkapi Palace

So anyway, I have some friends and family who like to go on house and garden tours, which I find deadly. Deadly. I opt out of such shenanigans.

Guess what. Topkapi Palace is a gi-fuck-gantic house and garden tour.

As I walked through this place, I wondered if we, as humans, are hardwired to give our power to someone else. Whether that be a sultan, an emperor, caudillo, a politico, whatever. Like dogs, chickens, chimpanzees, elephants, cattle. Are we so different?   

Maybe it's because it's an election year and there's all this vitriol out there that is making me question why I'm dropping a fair amount of cash to walk through the former property of despots? What am I supposed to glean from this? As you see, I have no business going on a house and garden tour. I have issues.

Istanbul. Topkapi Palace mosaic

The most beautiful part of Topkapi Palace is a mosaic in the Harem. You have to pay extra to visit the Harem. In my view, the Harem is the best part of Topkapi, besides its name and this one mosaic.

If I were a fabric designer, I'd base an entire line on this mosaic.

Note: Despite my grumbling, I am achieving exactly what I wanted to achieve here - enjoying a quiet intermission between Georgia and a return to the U.S.

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