Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ethiopia: Nazret: Saturday in Nazret

Spent hours at two internet cafe sites catching up on my trip logs and uploading photos. No real-time communication, though - with me being 9 hours ahead of Missouri, most of my family/friends were likely sleeping in or out enjoying the weekend.  

A Nazret city view from the balcony of an internet cafe
Azeb left for Addis this morning to meet her brother, the musician - of all things, she learned earlier this week that he was flying in from the U.S. for a visit!

Before her departure for the weekend, Azeb boiled water for me and prepared some advance meals. An attractive, stylish woman, she looked fresh and sharp in a white blouse, white trousers, and a red blazer.

Neighborhood souk near Azeb's house
After my internet forays, I returned home for the evening, stopping first at a neighborhood souk for "soft", aka toilet paper. Actually, "soft" seems to mean either a roll of toilet paper or the little package of kleenex.

I then spent a decadent evening alone reading a book in the living room with the fan turned toward me.

Azeb had made a thermos of coffee for me before she left. It was still hot in the evening, so I was really in heaven.

The air was too close (and mosquito-y) in my bedroom, so I slept on the living room couch with the fan on. Nice.

Oh, and evidently Azeb's absence was noted by Those That Creep In the Dark. When I turned the bathroom light on and counted to my usual 10 to allow furtive creatures time to scoot out, I encountered TWO of the gigantic cockroaches. Furthermore, they CHALLENGED me in such a way that I got out the broom to let them know who was (sort of) boss.

I considered several lethal options.

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