Monday, September 5, 2022

Missouri: Jefferson City: A Return to Chez Katherine



At Chez Katherine. Jefferson City, Missouri. June 2020. Credit: Mzuri.
At Chez Katherine. Jefferson City, Missouri. June 2020. Credit: Mzuri.


I am back in Chez Katherine in Jefferson City for several months, which I introduced in January 2011

At Chez Katherine, I am in a Parisian apartment, sleeping in a bed so high I need a stool to get in, with a dainty crystal chandelier in front of the garret-like window, and a huge map of Paris on the wall. Yes, I do need to traipse down a tiny corridor and across a roomy family room to get to my private bath, but, well, it is a vacation home, n'est ce pas? One makes do. Upstairs, I enjoy coffee in one of several sink-into-comfort upholstered chairs or couch, or I may walk out to the huge screened-in deck that overlooks a secluded wooded yard; the enclosed deck is reminiscent of a mountain lodge. And did I mention the outdoor shower? The hammock? The swinging, turquoise bench under the arbor?

I no longer stay in Kate's Parisian room, having swapped it for the room with two twin beds. One bed to flop in; the other to pile stuff upon. Closer to the bathroom, too. 

Being back in an actual house with two levels and multiple rooms, I find it expedient to wear a waist pack so that I can carry my phone and a pair of glasses with me throughout. A funny adjustment to make for a small-space minimalist like me. 

I'll be here for about three months, then off to another quarter-stay in another state. TBA.


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