Friday, January 17, 2020

Weekend in Yuma, Arizona, Part 5: Dateland

Dates, Dateland, Arizona. January 2020.


"Like a lot of people in Arizona, these [date] palms are not native to the Southwest."

On my way to Yuma, I zipped by Dateland. I promised myself to stop there on the way back home on Sunday. Which I did. 

The moment I walked into the Dateland travel store, I saw them. Jars of plump dates perched on the bar to the left. Succulent, decadent dates. Angled toward me in an inviting way, encouraging me to raise the steel lids, to pluck their thick bodies from the glass wombs, and gobble them up. Like a hen on a grub, fat and chewy.

I felt wonder at the prospect they might be available for tasting. I asked a store clerk: "Are these for tasting? Free?"

The clerk nodded affirmatively.

Oh, my. 

Spoiler alert:

Dates, Dateland, Arizona. January 2020.

The honey dates are the sweetest, moistest, sinful-est best.

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