Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Guatemala: Dark Windows

Blue Car on Ware Street. Missouri.

My airbnb hostess and her daughter drove me to the airport in Guatemala City for my return trip to Missouri. An unexpected and gratefully appreciated kindness!

As we entered the city, I remarked on the number of vehicles with dark-tinted windows.

Ah, my hostess replied, this is for the security of the driver and passengers. Violent carjacking had become so common that drivers began routinely to have their windows tinted. This is to prevent potential attackers from seeing the gender or age of the driver or passengers and how many people are in the vehicle.

Attackers who operate from vehicles also use tinted windows.

Here is a sobering article about getting around in Guatemala (especially the city) from the US Department of States, Overseas Security Advisory Council.

Adventure of Driving in Guatemala notes the downside of driving with tinted windows.

Tinted Windows offers another view. (Get it?)

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