Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Louisiana: Plaisance: 2635 at Sunset

2635 Highway 167, near Plaisance, Louisiana.

Just as the sun was preparing for setting, I drove by a cluster of irresistibly-picturesque buildings on Highway 167, outside of Plaisance.

Plaisance is in St. Landry Parish, northwest of Opelousas and southeast of Ville Platte. 

The feed store photos are here.

Today is about #2635, which is next to the feed store.

2635 Highway 167, near Plaisance, Louisiana.

A cultural informant told me that the giant numbers on these buildings are for emergency responders.

Put your shades on for this next pic. 

2635 Highway 167, near Plaisance, Louisiana.


Unknown said...

Great pics. I grew up right behind these buildings. My grandmother used to work here. It was a store also owned by Allen Joubert. They simply referered to it as "the wholesale".

Mzuri said...

Thank you for sharing your history with this place! I want to return for more exploration in the area.

Unknown said...

Labor day weekend is the perfect time to visit. The Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival is held that weekend. It takes place on the samw grounds as the Step N Strut trailride.