Monday, May 26, 2014

Lafayette: Cemetery With Two Names

Protestant Cemetery, Lafayette, Louisiana

There's a cemetery on Pinhook that has two names.

Masonic Cemetery, Lafayette, Louisiana

More correctly, one part of the cemetery is the Masonic Cemetery. 

Protestant Cemetery, Lafayette, Louisiana

The other part is the Lafayette Protestant Cemetery.  The specific generality of the "Protestant Cemetery" name makes me so curious.

For some, the war never ends. Protestant Cemetery, Lafayette, Louisiana


Geoff Reed said...

There is a Jewish Cemetery at the intersection of Lee Ave and West University that looks very interesting from the outside. Yesterday, I was in a conversation with the person who is driving Dr Rikki Ott around as she helps people here with her expertise as a marine toxicologist garnered while working with the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It seems that he is somewhat of a "connoisseur" of graveyards and has visited many in his travels. He claims that the Jewish cemetery right here in Lafayette is the most beautiful he has ever seen! He also told me that he jumped the fence in order to gain access, something that he does not hesitate to do. At one of the graves, there is an extraordinarily beautiful angel lying on the ground facing the grave. A friend of mine lived directly across the street many years ago and I would often look into the cemetery, but never had occasion to go onto the grounds. This has definitely tweaked my curiosity!

Reverend Virgly said...

The very best neighbors I’ve ever had! So quiet, so self-sufficient. They never complained about my college antics. A very beloved professor rests there now—still miss your Lord Byron sparkle, Dr Merriwether. Wait for me.