Sunday, August 5, 2012

TLGers in Ethiopia

I am so excited that former TLG colleages, Jennifer and Martin, are in Ethiopia this very moment, volunteer teaching at the English Alive Academy.

Their new blog, The Beels in Ethiopia, is pretty hilarious. And I love reading about the cool stuff they're doing at the English Alive Academy in Nazret.

Reading their experiences and mine just shows again how everyone experiences a country differently. For example, where they had a fabulous time in Lalibela, I had a meltdown. I survived my mullet phase; they survived theirs.

Bates Hotel in Nazret, Ethiopia?

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Jen2010 said...

Haha except that despite the bold signage,I bet that when you try to order a meal at this hotel there is no joy! When you ask for chicken "We have none", How about beef? "We have none" Eggs? "No, no eggs" What about cheese? "No".