Friday, March 2, 2012

Armenia: "There's Nothing There"

I'm not in Armenia yet - will go next weekend.

But when I shared my upcoming trip with my adult students, they said, "Why are you going to Armenia? There's nothing there?!" Out of approximately 20 students, only one had ever actually been to Armenia - once. Another had even worked on the BORDER between Georgia and Armenia, and had never been. And another THOUGHT she'd been to Armenia, but remembered that, no, that was Azerbaijan.

I have heard this kind of talk before from Georgians (and TLGers) about other places in Georgia. At a meeting with TLG bloggers last week, a colleague and I talked about instituting a "Nothing There" tour, where we visit nothing-there locations in Georgia and either confirm or deny the allegations. 

Notwithstanding the upcoming trip to Armenia, which I'm sure has one or two things of interest, my first nothing-there tour will be to Gardabani.

So stay tuned.

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